Common Lisp source to Markdown converter

cl2md is a quick hack inspired by pbook.el (which you should check out if you've never heard of it and are an Emacs user since it marks up the source code much nicer).

The page "cl2md" in the previous paragraph links to is the actual source code file which has been run through itself and a Markdown converter.

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StarCraft ProxyBot Client for Common Lisp

Sorry for the CamelCase but I didn't come up with the names :-)

For those bitten by the game AI bug since the Google AI Challenge (all eleven of us) I've started working on a Common Lisp (CL) client for the StarCraft ProxyBot with the StarCraft AI competition in mind: http://github.com/aerique/cl-starcraft-proxybot.

The project is still in its early stages but the important groundwork is done: commands can be send to in-game units.

Before this project I started working on a CL client for GameBots 2004 with which one can control an Unreal Tournament 2004 avatar.  The project's stalled for now and hasn't come much farther than setting up the initial connection but for those interested it is here: http://www.aerique.net/software/.

Lastly for those interested in game AI: TAEB is on my radar.  See also this excellent blog post: Planar - a TAEB AI.

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